Family Spotlight


On December 2, 2013, I asked everybody in our sibling family line, who wanted to contribute, to write a short anecdote (or, even a sentence) that described any personal recollections/ experiences/ interactions with mom in one or all of the following three (3) areas:

1. OBSERVATION - any favorite "mom moment" you recall.
2. PERSONAL - any one to one lesson learned from interacting with mom.
3. COMMUNITY - some aspect of her service and interaction within the community, such as interactions and contributions to areas like: church choir, neighborhood, public school system, etc.


Social Networks

ANCESTRY.COM: Several family members have accounts that list their individual family trees. We connect with most of them and have learned lots about our genealogy.

FACEBOOK.COM: This is a Facebook group that is closed to everyone but our family relations. There are thousands of Burnett relatives in the Kansas City metro area alone. (see link)

WWW: The Internet provides a platform to stay in touch with each other. Although many of us have never met; and, many of us have not seen each other in many years, the hope is that these resources will facilitate a continuing dialog among family relations - despite the obvious challenges inherent to physical distances.

Margaret Jackson Threlkeld
"Aunt Sis"
October 20, 1927 - January 3, 2014