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"Generations & Continuum"

Found this beautiful photograph of our paternal grandmother, Bertha Johnson Burnett (1880-1970). As you see, she lived to be 90 years old.

She chained smoked unfiltered cigarettes the entire time that I knew her, but died of natural causes associated with old age.

I was her favorite among my siblings and although I felt bad sometimes when preferential treatment put me ahead of my brothers and sisters, I was totally energized by how much she loved me and my sandy brown hair as a child.

She motivated me to always try to be that wonderful person she saw in me.

I now understand that same unconditional love of grandchildren.

I'm 60 years old now, which is still a relatively young and vibrant age in life to be. And, it is also an age where you have more life behind you than ahead.

Our dad lived to be 80 and our mom lived to be 88. If I live as long, it still is not that much time.

So, I don't want to waste the time I have left on anything but productive things that contribute positively to my family and society at large.

It is very cool to be at an age in life where you have an established personal history and proven track record of consistency that speaks objectively to the type of person you essentially have become.

It is also cool to have come to a realistic and positive place with my own mortality as well - at 30 years old, most don't yet get that this fact is the only tangible reality in life.

I think of my grandmother on some days. Not in a sad way, but in an excited, "I want to tell you about the cool things I've witnessed", way.

My faith says that she, along with both of my parents, already know events in our family continuum because each one is still a part of me.

[ September 2016 ]

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RICHIE PRATT (March 11, 1943 – February 12, 2015, born Richard Dean Tyree) was an American jazz drummer. He embarked upon a career as a professional musician on the New York scene in the early 1970s, it was as much due to an unanticipated sporting injury as anything else. Pratt was born into a musical family (his mother was a church pianist and a brother is saxophonist, Chris Burnett) and grew up in the Kansas City metro city of Olathe, Kansas. He first studied music via the piano, as well as, attended various music camps as a youth prior to attending college as a music major at the University of Kansas.

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